Ryan Wolf of Brownsville News reports that there’s a restaurant in the Valley where both credit cards and a Top Performer Certificate from Action 4 News are accepted. It’s Rico’s Restaurant on 1714 Military Highway in Brownsville. Check it out–zero demerits on a health inspection report.
Inside, we find not only signs of cleanliness clearly posted, but the sounds to go along with it. Owner Oscar Balli gives us what he calls a prime example of health standard excellence.
“We closed all day Tuesday for a total cleaning of all the areas just to make sure everything’s perfect.”
A customer complaint about improper employee hygiene brings a Harlingen health inspector to this Subway on 6780 West Expressway 83.

It scores 26 demerits on a health inspection report and with more than 21 Subway’s a low performer.
There’s a small temperature violation on chicken left on the back prep table, it’s immediately tossed out and a warning is given.
An employee leaves voluntarily after refusing to wear a beard guard. We’re told it’s an important sanitation step and two handwash stations are found with no soap.
A store manager could not comment on camera, but did say public health was never jeopardized and all corrections have been made.
Stepping out of the restaurants and into the school cafeterias now inspectors across the Valley spending a lot of their time making sure these tiny kids are being taken care of.
Dr. Raul Garza Elementary is a top performer in San Benito – just one of 11 school cafeteria’s thoroughly inspected…
“The school has a good system.”
Senior Inspector Joe Avila shows us what tops his checklist with proper food and storage temperatures.
“You can have an outbreak of a bacteria. That will cause maybe the whole school to get it.”
Next on his list – food handler’s personal hygiene!
“You’re serving a population of people you’re not just serving your family members.”
In Mission, we find out first-hand how personal hygiene is the number one concern.
Ryan: “You know when you have to wear your hairnet in here as a reporter you’re on the up and up.”
Inspector: “Anybody walking into a restaurant or cafeteria needs a cap or hairnet.”
Cafeteria employees at Bryan Elementary also following the health rules all other inspector checkpoints turn out a-okay!
“As you can see everything is covered and it’s cold in here.”
Mission Inspector Ricardo Ureste with the underlining message why health safety is paramount at every school cafeteria!
“Cause of the kids their immune systems are lower.”
School cafeterias rated as top performers and had no demerits:
Frank Roberts Elementary, San Benito
Fred Booth Elementary, San Benito
Berta Cabaza Middle School, San Benito
Dr. Cash Elementary, San Benito
Sullivan Elementary, San Benito
Landrum Elementary, San Benito
Ed Downs Elementary, San Benito
Castaneda Elementary, Brownsville
Skinner Elementary, Brownsville
Lincoln Park High School, Brownsville
School cafeterias who rated satisfactory 1-20 demerits:
John H. Shary, Sharyland
Ruben Hinojosa Elementary, Sharyland
Martinez Elementary, Sharyland
Veterans 9th Grade Academy, San Benito
San Benito High School
Miller Jordan Middle School, San Benito