College Park Elementary SchoolToday, the Health Department plans to release the results of lab tests at College Park Elementary School, where a mystery bug sickened about 190 students and staffers last week.

"We have the biggest part of the picture," Dr. Venita Newby-Owens, the city’s health director, said late Tuesday. The department will review the lab results internally and then with school officials before releasing them to the public, she said.

Last Thursday, 152 students and 28 staff members were sickened by the stomach bug, which caused nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. The school was closed Friday for cleaning. A handful of people reported being sick in the several days before and after Thursday.

The bug also spread to some family members of students and staffers at College Park. Newby-Owens thought the cause was a virus spread person-to-person, she said Monday.