According to an article titled, "Move over, milk — almonds are headed for pasteurization," published in the San Francisco Chronicle, all almonds sold in the United States are to be heat treated or fumigated with chemicals that will kill pathogenic bacteria like Salmonella in the near future. 

The Chronicle’s Carol Ness reports:

"Pasteurization" is the California almond industry’s response to two salmonella outbreaks, traced to almonds, that sickened a total of about 130 consumers — and resulted in lawsuits — in 2001 and 2004.

Starting Sept. 1, under industry-written rules adopted March 30 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, almost all almonds sold in the United States will have to be treated, either with short blasts of steam or dry heat, or with a carcinogenic chemical that’s used to make bowling balls and foam seat cushions as well as insecticide.

Marler Clark represented victims of the 2004 outbreak traced to almonds sold world-wide