Steve Meyerowitz is, apparently, the Sproutman.  Although I disagree with his analysis of the numbers–i.e. Sprouts have caused a hell of a lot more foodborne illnesses than 2,000 in the last 40 years–it’s good to see an industry man who recognizes the risks associated with his product, and who cares enough about consumer health to advocate that his fellow sprout devotees do all they can, by way of researching and developing new pasteurization methods, to reduce risks. 

Nonetheless, I am not a convert, and I never will be.  I feel too much for those sickened and hospitalized in the recent outbreaks and recalls linked to sprouts.  Let us not forget that there are over 120 people in Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, and Kansas (not to mention the sprouts/listeria recall or the Calco, Inc sprouts advisory), and a bunch in Michigan, who (1) probably didn’t know the risks associated with sprouts and (2) wouldn’t have thought it could happen to them anyway.