Much has been said, and some would say done, about the problem of contaminated food, primarily lettuce and other leafy greens, coming out of the Salinas Valley, CA.  It is estimated that the 2006 spinach outbreak cost the leafy greens industry over 175 million, to say nothing of the hundreds sickened, and five dead, as a result of the outbreak.

Here is a potential contamination problem of a different stripe:  pork skins.  According to the USDA, who currently presides over the manufacture of meat, poultry, and egg products (FDA oversees other foods), Camacho’s Food Processing has recalled fried pork skins because they were produced without the benefit of federal inspection.  

The recall includes approximately 1,450 pounds of ready-to-eat fried pork skins contained in 10-pound bags from "Camacho’s Foods PS., URUAPAN, CHICHARRONES, (FRYED PORK SKIN)," according to the Department of Agriculture.  The products were produced between June 16 and July 29 and were repackaged for sale to consumers and distributed to retail stores in California.  There are currently no reports of illness.