Ocean Mist Farms, a Castroville, California vegetable company, has issued a voluntary recall of iceless green onions due to potential contamination by Salmonella bacteria.  The company decided to issue the recall after confirmation from federal regulators of a positive test for salmonella on green onions supplied by Circle Produce to several shippers, including Ocean Mist Farms.

“The health and safety of our customers and their consumers always comes first. As soon as we learned of the positive test, it became our immediate responsibility to begin a voluntary recall of the product in the interest of protecting public health,” said Ed Boutonnet, president, Ocean Mist Farms. “We quickly traced back the product using our tracking system and will work closely with our customers and officials.”

Ocean Mist states that they have not yet been notified by, or heard of, any illnesses occurring as a result of the contamination.  Ocean Mist indicates, however, that It is possible that a small amount of product has already been purchased by consumers.

The recalled iceless green onion pack styles and code dates are as follows:

• 4 x 12 count
• 2 x 24 count
• 36 count 5.5 oz Cello Bag
• 40 count 5.5 oz Cello Bag

Trace Back Code: 95ONCP7G
Production Dates: 80309; 80709; 80809; 81109; 81209; 81309

Green onions and foodborne pathogens.  Certainly not the the first rodeo for this pair.  In late-October 2003, Chi-Chi’s mexican restaurant in Pennsylvania was the sight of  a massive hepatitis A outbreak linked to raw green onions.  Ultimately, 650 people were confirmed to have been infected and multiple people died.  We represented about 50 people in the outbreak, including a gentleman named Richard Miller who had a liver transplant as a result of his illness.  Read more.