MINNEAPOLIS (June 16, 2009) William Marler, food safety advocate and expert in foodborne illness litigation, will speak at the American College of Trial Lawyers (ACTL) conference in Minneapolis this week. Mr. Marler’s presentation on Contaminated Food Litigation will be 11:00 a.m., Friday, June 19 at the Minneapolis W- Foshay hotel at 821 Marquette Avenue.

“Like Minnesota’s proactive Health Department, litigation seeking fair compensation for victims of foodborne can be a crucial part in preventing the next outbreak,” said Marler from his office in Seattle. “Determining how an outbreak begins and holding businesses that poison their customers accountable are two incentives for companies to clean up. New regulations and inspections will prevent both outbreaks and lawsuits in the future. As I say to the food industry all the time ‘Make food safety a part of all you do and you will put me out of business.’”

Mr. Marler and his firm, Marler Clark, are involved in foodborne illness cases around the country and represent a number of Minnesotans who have become ill from eating contaminated food. Several Salmonella outbreaks have infected Minnesota residents, including ConAgra’s Banquet Pot Pies, Veggie Booty snacks, and food consumed at a Rochester Quiznos. In addition, the firm represents Minnesotans who have been infected with E. coli 0157:H7 in cases against Dole lettuce, Nebraska Beef, PM Beef Holdings, AFG/Supervalu, Cargill meat products, as well as Taco John’s and China Buffet restaurants.