Wisconsin public health officials are investigating an apparent foodborne illness outbreak among attendees of a Beaver Dam-area wedding reception.  The wedding and reception took place on June 16th, and guests began exhibiting symptoms of food poisoning, including fever, diarrhea, vomiting, and body aches shortly thereafter.  Dodge County and the Wisconsin Health Department are looking into

Ellen Connolly of the Sunday Telegraph (Australia) reports that it was every bride’s worst nightmare: the picture-perfect country wedding ruined by food poisoning from a hens’ night at the local Chinese restaurant.
Country bride, Simone Sprenkeler, her bridesmaids and mother were struck down for a week with vomiting and diarrhoea after their girls’ night out at the Sapphire Chinese Restaurant in Inverell, in the State’s north-west.Continue Reading Banquet broke bride’s heart

The Republican-American reports that guests who attended a Friday evening wedding reception at the Grand Oak Villa banquet facility say far more patrons came down with illnesses, some serious, than facility operators have reported.
Doreen Gagnon, whose son Brian Gagnon’s reception took place at the 550 Sylvan Lake Road hall, said she has tracked 85 of the 190 guests as “coming down with something” a day or so after the event, with perhaps as many as 40 going to a hospital.
“It was a good show and they (Grand Oak) put on a good party,” the mother said, adding there were no complaints about the food or service. “But it was something more than just ‘a bug.’ ”Continue Reading Illnesses may top reports Wedding guests say earlier figures may be low

Harlan Spector of the Plain Dealer (OH) reported yesterday that health officials are investigating possible cases of food poisoning that may have sickened dozens of guests at a wedding reception Saturday at Casa di Borally, a popular banquet hall in Richmond Heights.
Seventeen probable cases were confirmed as of Thursday, “but this is still real early,” said Cuyahoga County Health Commissioner Terry Allan. “We’ve got a ton of people on this.”
Members of the wedding party said in interviews that close to 100 of the 300 guests became sick in the days after the reception. Several went to the hospital.Continue Reading Possible food poisoning reported

The Canadian Press reports that approximately 100 guests took ill after a wedding over the weekend in the central Serbian town of Kragujevac, a local health official said. The clinic for infectious diseases in the town 90 kilometres southeast of the capital, Belgrade, treated about 100 patients for food poisoning symptoms, clinic specialist Ljiljana Nesic