When considering the best time of year to eat oysters, clams, mussels, and other mollusks, consumers may often hear the advice, “Never eat shellfish unless there is an R in the month.” This rule of thumb suggests that it is safer to eat shellfish from September through April and to avoid it from May to

oystersKRLD News Radio reports that a Dallas resident has died after eating raw oysters. Jamie Nicolay with the Collin County Health Department says the victim ate the oysters at a restaurant in Plano. Oysters can be contaminated with the bacterium Vibrio vulnificus.

The bacterium is naturally present in marine environments and does not alter the

The Herald reports that the Florida Department of Health urges high-risk Floridians to avoid consuming raw oysters, which often harbor the naturally occurring bacteria Vibrio vulnificus.
“It’s important to understand that most cases of Vibrio vulnificus can be avoided by taking the proper precautions,” health secretary M. Rony Fran ‘ois said in a recent news release. “There are several cooking techniques individuals in high-risk groups can use to enjoy oysters while remaining safe.”Continue Reading Florida issues oyster alert