Tortillas were pulled from school kitchens this week in Racine, Wisconsin, after students and teachers became ill.  Del Rey manufactured flour tortillas that are suspected of being the cause of an outbreak of food poisoning at three Racine Unified School District middle schools, and FDA officials stepped in to prevent the tortillas to be served

Shanna Shipman of the Pekin Times reports that local parents and students can breathe – and eat – easier, following assurance from Aramark Food Service that the tortilla shells suspected to have caused illness among District 150 students are not used in other local schools.
Joyce Phillips of Aramark Food Services at Pekin Community High School was on hand at Monday’s District 303 Board meeting to assure the board that recent concerns regarding food safety in Peoria are not directly relevant to Aramark services in Pekin.
An inquiry was made at the meeting by board member Jim Mangan in light of three recent incidents in Peoria and Mason counties resulting in large numbers of local school children becoming ill at school.Continue Reading Local school districts free of suspected food poisoning product