CDC announced this afternoon that it is investigating two multistate outbreaks of Salmonella infections, each involving a different Salmonella serotype: Hartford and Baildon. Both of these Salmonella serotypes are rare, and ill persons in both outbreaks have a similar age and geographic distribution.

An analysis indicates that eating at a Mexican-style fast food restaurant

green onionMinnesota Public Radio told consumers today not to expect a warning from the federal government on green onions despite an E. coli outbreak that’s sickened nearly five dozen people who became ill after eating at Taco Bell restaurants on the East Coast. Investigators are still trying to pinpoint the exact cause of the outbreak, but

Taco BellTaco Bell has withdrawn green onions from its 5,800 outlets throughout the US after preliminary tests revealed some samples to be infected with a strong strain of E. Coli. The fast food chain, a subsidiary of Yum Brands Inc, took the measure as a precaution, pending further tests on raw fruit and vegetables that

Taco BellAuthorities in three states are investigating hundreds more cases of food poisoning in the northeastern United States, and federal investigators said yesterday that their prime suspect, green onions, may not have caused the outbreak.

The Food and Drug Administration said tests did not find green onions as the cause. All of the 64 confirmed cases