The Subway restaurant located on Roosevelt Street in Lombard, Illinois that was the site of a major Shigella outbreak has finally reopened.  Eleni Demertzis, of the Lombard Spectator, who has followed the Shigella outbreak since it was first announced by DuPage County Health Department on March 5, reports as follows:

The Lombard Subway reopened today after

The large outbreak of Shigella linked to the Subway restaurant in Lombard, Illinois now counts 116 confirmed (i.e. stool sample positive) cases.  As reported by Eleni Demertzis of the Lombard Spectator:

The number continues to grow as more and more people are coming forward to report shigella infections after eating at a Lombard Subway.


An update was announced today on the DuPage County Health Department’s investigation into the Shigella outbreak stemming from the still-closed Subway restaurant located in Lombard, Illinois.  The number of confirmed cases of Shigella now stands at 78, with 11 of those injured requiring hospitalization.

According to the article in today’s Nation’s Restaurant News, "Dave Hass

At Marler Clark, we represent foodpoisoning victims from across the country.  Many of our foodpoisoning clients are people sickened with bacteria and viruses like E. coli, Salmonella, campylobacter, Hepatitis A, norovirus, and of course Shigella.  As has been widely publicized, a major outbreak has occurred at the Subway restaurant on Roosevelt Road in Lombard