Worldwide Fish logoThe Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today announced that it is seeking a permanent injunction against Worldwide Fish & Seafood, Inc. (Worldwide Fish), Suzanne Weinstein, its president and owner, and Timothy A. Lauer, its general manager. Worldwide Fish does business as Coastal Seafood, a seafood processor located at 2330 Minnehaha Avenue, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The

raw crabsThe Associated Press reports that eight diners who came down with a rare lung infection after eating raw shellfish consumed live sawagani crabs on a dare, health officials said Friday.

Health investigators said the crabs, which are usually served fried, were eaten at various restaurants including Riptide Rockin’ Sushi & Teppan Grill in Mission Viejo and

The Orange County Register reports that California health officials warned restaurant diners Friday to avoid eating raw or undercooked freshwater regal crabs, which can carry a parasite that hospitalized two Orange County residents.
The state Department of Health Services determined that the crabs, formally called Sawagani crabs, were distributed to restaurants in at least 16