The following article was authored by Cookson Beecher at Food Safety News.  It is titled “Portland ME Says “Yes” to Raw Milk at Farmers’ Markets,” and is reprinted here with FSN’s permission.  For more information on the risks of raw milk, see

In a victory for raw-milk farmers, Maine’s Portland City reported today that UK scientists and other experts are meeting in London to identify new methods to tackle campylobacter, which has been shown to affect 75% of Britain’s poultry flock.

A recent study by the Food Standards Agency found 65% of 3,000 samples of chicken bought in the UK was infected with the bacterium, which causes

Late yesterday, a Bellingham, Washington company called Jackie’s Jersey Milk recalled raw milk product due to possible contamination by E. coli O157:H7.  The contamination was detected during routine sampling and testing of the company’s products by the Washington State Department of Agriculture. 

Products subject to the recall include all Jackie’s Jersey Raw Jersey Cow Milk with

 The Washington State Departments of Health and Agriculture today released information linking recent E. coli illnesses in Washington State to raw milk produced by the Dungeness Valley Creamery in Sequim, WA.  See  I will point out up front that the Dungeness Valley Creamery, which appears to be where the milk was produced, is a dairy properly licensed in Washington to sell raw milk.  I would ban the sale of raw milk from any dairy in the country, personally, whether licensed or not, but that is not the point of this post.  Every time a raw milk outbreak happens, which is relatively frequently, it causes me to think how many options there really are for people who are looking to purchase the product . . . even in states that otherwise ban it.  

I talked recently in an article on about the deceptive, transparent efforts of many unlicensed dairies to sell raw milk under the guise of cow-share agreements.  Read the article here.  First of all, these arrangements are patently illegal in most states, including Washington, and even states where the Legislature has not specifically condemned them.  Read Washington State Dept of Agriculture’s views on cow-share agreements for a perfect example.  And second, it’s really a little scary to think that, because these dairies are selling raw milk without having to meet state licensure requirements, some of them produce their product under some terrible conditions.  Continue Reading Raw Milk, and the Problem with Unlicensed Dairies