"Freshway lettuce outbreak" "lettuce outbreak" "e. coli outbreak" ecoli  E. coli outbreaks and college life are becoming more and more synonymous.  Most parents of incoming freshman worry about alcohol and other extracurricular activities, but several recent E. coli outbreaks might cause a shift in the worry paradigm.  Maybe not.  Nevertheless, today, lettuce was finally announced as the source of the large E. coli O145

1.  Salmonella outbreak linked to Daniele Inc salami products, and, ultimately, to contaminated red and black pepper from Wholesome Spice Company and Overseas Mincing Spice Company.  252 people sickened in 44 states and the District of Columbia.

2.  Shigella outbreak linked to Lombard, Illinois Subway restaurant.  Hundreds ill.

3.  E. coli O111 outbreak