As the newly appointed deputy commissioner for food safety at the FDA, Michael Taylor has a lot on his plate.  Many different things to accomplish, not least of which a ramped up, more proactive approach to food safety within the agencies of government.  Perhaps the creation of a unified governmental body for all things

Jim Mann, the executive director of Handwashing for Life Institute, emailed the following response to the Food Safety News article titled "A Call for Uniform Model Food Code Application":

Uniformly good vs. Uniformly enforceable. Of these two choices, I believe the FDA favors the latter.

You make some very good points in your article. I do think the adopting of uniform baseline standards is a good idea but can be overstated.

First, the far and away leading pathogen identified in outbreaks is norovirus. What uniform laws would you suggest to eliminate the predominant fecal-hand-oral pathway? Wear gloves and put them on with contaminated hands? When to change gloves … when soiled as measured by "sight and touch"?

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