Relax, this is not a first account of Lindsay Lohan, um, "losing control" during another jail stint. It’s far less irrelevant than that.  What Upton Sinclair started with his brief, though sordid descriptions of Chicago’s stockyards in The Jungle, Hollywood has finally chosen to finish with an expose on the often-ugly underbelly of our country’s food supply.  I don’t know

The Marler Clark network of food poisoning informational Web sites, which first appeared online in 1998, recently received a makeover. The sites, which were originally put online to provide Internet users with basic information about the illnesses caused by such foodborne pathogens as E. coli O157:H7, Salmonella, and Hepatitis A, have increased in breadth over the

Public health officials in North Carolina have not been able to identify the foodborne pathogen that sickened at least 76 people who attended a Force Protection Industries plant dedication in Roxboro.  The cause of the food poisoning outbreak has thus far been narrowed down to pork loin and/or pasta vegetable salad, according to an article

As the year comes to a close, many publications are looking back on the year and assessing our nation’s food safety system.  From the Wall Street Journal to USA Today and Reuters, everyone has something to say about the American food supply. 

The Wall Street Journal focused today on the USDA and the number of

The CDC‘s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) includes a report titled, "Norovirus Outbreak Associated with Ill Food-Service Workers — Michigan, January–February 2006" this week.  In it, we learn that:

  • norovirus informationOn January 30, 2006, the Barry-Eaton District Health Department (BEDHD) in Michigan was notified of gastrointestinal illness in several members of two

The LA Daily News reported that at least two LA-area restaurants have been identified as the source of norovirus outbreaks recently.  The Buca di Beppo restaurant located in the Valencia Town Center and the Marie Callender’s restaurant located near Magic Mountain – both in Los Angeles County – were the source of food poisoning outbreaks provided some good tips on safer eating this morning in an article titled, "13 Foods That Could Kill".  The thirteen foods the column focuses on are:

Lettuce: because lettuce has been identified as the source of several E. coli and other foodborne illness outbreaks.  In 2006, Dole spinach was the source of

Tortillas were pulled from school kitchens this week in Racine, Wisconsin, after students and teachers became ill.  Del Rey manufactured flour tortillas that are suspected of being the cause of an outbreak of food poisoning at three Racine Unified School District middle schools, and FDA officials stepped in to prevent the tortillas to be served