Maybe it was Bill Marler’s $500,000 study on non-O157 STECs (finding non-O157 STEC contamination of retail ground beef in about 1% of samples), or maybe it was his petition to USDA-FSIS to finally call a spade a spade and declare that the “big six” non-O157 STECs are “adulterants.”  Whatever the case, the case for outlawing things in our

Michigan now counts 9 people from Lapeer, Genesee, Isabella, and Sanilac counties as victims of the ground beef E. coli O157:NM outbreak associated with beef from McNees Meats and Wholesale LLC.  The Michigan Departments of Community Health (MDCH) and Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) have issued a public health alert concerning the outbreak.  Among the

ecolioutbreak.bmpIt was a busy day in E. coli outbreak news.  Oregon now reports two additional cases of E. coli infection in Clatsop County possibly linked to contaminated strawberries, bringing the case count in the strawberry outbreak to 18.  The Oregon Department of Health issued a warning Monday after 16 people in northwest Oregon, including four