Over the 4th of July holiday, many Americans will get together for picnics, barbeques, and other gatherings.  For many, food will take center stage, and hopefully proper food safety practices will ensure that in the days following these gatherings people will not be doubled-over in pain, running to and from the bathroom because of something

Mom Enterprises, Inc., announced today that the company is recalling Apple Flavored Baby’s Bliss Gripewater for potential Cryptosporidium contamination.  The product, which was distributed nationwide, is coded 26952V 10/08, with an expiration date of October, 2008.  In a press release, Mom Enterprises, also known as Bliss by Mom, stated:

One instance of illness has been

Betsy Taylor of the Associated Press reports that the Madison County Health Department said Monday that no one source was discovered for illnesses caused by microscopic parasites that sickened dozens of people earlier this year.
Between the first reports on Aug. 8 and the last on Sept. 14, the department in Missouri received word of 57 cases of the illness, said registered nurse Carolyn Amelunke. Despite work to determine where the illness began, no starting point was identified, she said.Continue Reading Infection’s starting point remains a mystery