One of the easiest ways to keep you and your customers happy and healthy is to know about cross contamination. Cross contamination is when you touch one item that is not sanitary and then touch a clean item and make it unsanitary.

This can breed health issues as well as general concerns about safety, so you need to make it important at your restaurant. What you might not realize is that cross contamination doesn’t just happen at the back of the house.

Rather, you can have issues with contamination in the front as well. It all starts off with good employee practices, such as washing their hands. If the employee has touched food, their face, their hair, or anything questionable, they need to wash their hands. If they are pressed for time, antibacterial gel can work too.Continue Reading Your Restaurant Your Life: Sanitation matters – avoiding cross contamination

Megan Bradley of Food Quality Magazine reports that in today’s fast-paced world, we often don’t stop to think that the meal we’re eating may be our last. It’s not a pleasant thought and it is easier to dismiss the notion as something that happens to other people in a far-off place. However, each year it is a reality for 5,200 Americans and their families.
Even if it doesn’t end in death, foodborne illnesses affect almost all Americans at least once a year, 76 million illnesses annuall, federal agencies estimate. Usually, these illnesses are mild and won’t slow down a healthy adult, but 20 percent of foodborne illnesses are severe enough to require hospitalization. On top of that, 2 to 3 percent of these acute illnesses develop life-long complications such as hemolytic uremic syndrome. One of the leading reasons so many people get sick from food each year is cross-contamination.Continue Reading Cross-Contamination Conundrum: It takes five years to build a quality business and five seconds to destroy it.