coloradolisteria.bmpAP reports that the first Wyoming case in the Listeria outbreak caused by contaminated cantaloupes from Jensen Farms in Colorado is from Laramie County.  Wyoming Department of Health spokeswoman Kim Deti says the man was hospitalized as of Thursday, but she did not have information about his condition Friday.

Patti Waller, the Marler Clark firm’s epidemiologist, and I were just in Laramie County, participating in a mock deposition for Wyoming environmental health professionals (the folks who inspect restaurants and other food establishments).  I wish I could have dropped by to visit with this gentleman, which is something that the CEOs of any food company involved in an outbreak like this should do. 

Cantaloupe Listeria outbreak current numbers:  22 ill in 7 states.  With the addition of this Wyoming case, it is 23 in 8 states, including at least 2 deaths.  We expect more cases to be included in the final count before all is said and done.