Listeria contaminated cantaloupes killed almost 40 people last summer.  This summer, cantaloupes from Chamberlain Farms were contaminated by Salmonella, killing 3 kentucky residents and sickening at least 270 people in 26 states.  Now, actually a few days ago, DFI Marketing Inc., a California Company, is recalling cantaloupes due to Salmonella contamination.  There are no known illnesses, however, and this recall is not related to the Chamberlain Farms salmonella outbreak.

If you want to ever eat cantaloupes again, don’t read about their track record over the last couple of decades.

In the Chamberlain Farms outbreak, here are the latest numbers.  Alabama (16), Arkansas (6), California (2), Florida (1), Georgia (9), Iowa (10), Illinois (26), Indiana (24), Kentucky (70), Massachusetts (2), Maryland (1), Michigan (6), Minnesota (5), Missouri (15), Mississippi (7), Montana (1), New Jersey (2), North Carolina (7), Ohio (6), Oklahoma (1), Pennsylvania (2), South Carolina (5), Tennessee (8), Texas (2), and Wisconsin (6).

The number of ill persons infected with the outbreak strain of Salmonella Newport (announced last week) identified in each state is as follows: Illinois (8), Indiana (9), Michigan (1), Missouri (6), Ohio (3), Virginia (1), and Wisconsin (2)

101 ill persons have been hospitalized.