Azlan Othman of the Borneo Bulletin reports that Brunei has recorded eight food poisoning outbreaks this year. A family, six schools and another victim fell victim to food poisoning, officials from the Health Services Department revealed.
Meanwhile 127 cases of food poisoning were recorded to date this year, up from 67 cases last year. The lowest cases recorded were in 2000 with only 50 cases.
Officials from the Health Services Department to food suppliers highlighted the cases in a briefing to food suppliers on Monday.

The Ministry of Health underlined carelessness on the part of some food suppliers, which led to food poisoning cases
Some suppliers kept the food overnight in a van with no ventilation before sending to school in the next morning.
Storage of packet drinks was also unsatisfactory. The packet drinks were stored and arranged in piles reaching the ceiling.
This exposed the packets to heat. Cleanliness of the storeroom was also unsatisfactory.
These were found following an investigation on the recent food poisoning cases involving three schools in the country.
The Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education have taken appropriate action on these cases.
Steps have been taken by the Ministry of Education to prevent the occurrence of the food poisoning.
It has asked food suppliers to undergo health screening; it has issued health and selling of food and drinks guidelines to food suppliers as well as to the canteen operators.
The Ministry is carrying out a school health promotion project that runs continuously.