"saratoga springs" "campylobacter outbreak" "Utah campylobacter" "water outbreak"Saratoga Springs, Utah is currently the site of a major campylobacter outbreak linked to drinking water from a city well.  At least 7 people–some reports put the number a little higher–have been confirmed with campylobacteriosis, but health authorities suspect that the number of people actually ill in the outbreak may be over 100. 

Utah County Health Department Spokesman, in talking with the Salt Lake Tribune, has indicated that the affected subdivisions are Harvest Hills, Aspen Hills, Sunrise Meadows, Dalmore Meadows, Summer Village, Sunset Haven, Sierra Estates, Riverbend, The Cove at the Jordan River, The Gables, Sergeant Court, Daybreak at Harvest Hills and Hillcrest condominiums. Westlake High School and Harvest Hills Elementary School and Lakeview Academy are also in the affected area.

Currently, the City of Saratoga Springs is taking measures to pinpoint the location of the contamination problem, which is believed to be one city well, and eradicate the campylobacter bacteria from the water system with chlorine.  Meanwhile, the "boil water order" remains in place for any water to be used for cooking, drinking, or washing.  The best advice, however, is to not drink any of the water right now; instead, drink only bottled water until the boil water order is finally lifted.