A 53-year-old hair salon employee and a 60-year-old part-time fitness instructor were diagnosed with Hepatitis A after they ate at Rosa’s Restaurant where a food handler first contracted the virus, health officials said Friday.  An infected food prep worker is the source of the outbreak and was hospitalized last month because of it.

The two women are recovering, according to Jeffrey Plunkett, Hamilton Township’s health officer.

Plunkett said the 53-year-old woman works at The Hair Port Salon. The 60-year-old is fitness instructor at the Hamilton Area YMCA’s JKR Branch and the New Jersey Athletic Club in Lawrenceville. She also works at the Mercer County Board of Social Services.

Plunkett said at a news conference that the salon had already been scheduled to be closed Friday but that it was being cleaned under monitoring by health inspectors. He said health officials have offered to inoculate staff members at the gym facilities where the 60-year-old works.

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