With 30 sickened – so far – in 5 states – so far – by Coscto berries, a bit of Hepatitis A history is in order.

Pomeberry Blend Frozen Berries 2012

On April 5, 2012, the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control warned the public not to consume Pomeberry Blend frozen berries, manufactured by Western Family, because they may be linked to an outbreak of hepatitis A. Eight cases of hepatitis A o…Read More »

Australian Semi-Dried Tomatoes 2009

Semi-dried tomatoes were linked to several cases of hepatitis A in Southern Australia, Queensland, and Victoria. People were warned not to eat loose, semi-dried, tomatoes sold in oil with herbs and garlic at IGA, Foodland, Foodworks, and independent…Read More »

California Other or Restaurant Romaine Lettuce 2008

A confirmed outbreak of Hepatitis A was linked to eating romaine lettuce in California. The exposure locations were described as restaurant or “other.”…Read More »

Florida Restaurant Acai, Bananas, Strawberries, Sugar Cane Juice 2007

A confirmed outbreak of hepatitis A occurred among people who had consumed acai, bananas, strawberries, and sugar cane juice while at a restaurant in Florida.…Read More »

Silver Grill Location Catering/Soleil Produce Baby Mixed Green Lettuce 2005

Cast members of the Hollywood film, “The Good German,” reported Hepatitis A infections in early November. This cluster of cases led the Los Angeles County Health Department to conduct an investigation. A case-control study showed that case patients…Read More »

Chi Chi’s Restaurant Green Onions 2003

Pennsylvania State health officials first learned of a Hepatitis A outbreak when unusually high numbers of hepatitis A cases were reported in late October, 2003. All but one of the initial cases had eaten at the Chi Chi’s restaurant at the Beaver …Read More »

Georgia Restaurants Green Onions 2003

Outbreaks of hepatitis A were linked to the consumption of green onions at restaurants. A traceback showed that the implicated green onions originated from the same distributor from California suppliers and had been grown in Mexico. The implicated …Read More »

O’ Charley’s Restaurants Green Onions 2003

An outbreak of hepatitis A occurred among patrons and foodhandlers at the O’Charley’s Restaurant in Knoxville, Tennessee. No foodhandler was identified as the source of transmission to restaurant patrons. The Centers for Disease Control sent an inv…Read More »

Buncombe County Restaurant 2003

An outbreak of hepatitis A was linked to the consumption of green onions at a restaurant in North Carolina. A traceback showed that the implicated green onions originated from a distributor who had obtained them from California suppliers. An earlie…Read More »

Taco Bell Restaurants Green Onion 2000

In December, South Carolina health department workers began receiving reports of hepatitis A that were associated with eating a meal at a Taco Bell in Fruitland Park, Florida. The Florida health department was notified and investigated the outbreak …Read More »

Carl’s Jr. Food Worker Hepatitis A 2000

In February, the Spokane Regional Health District in Washington State learned of a foodhandler who worked at Carl’s Jr. who had hepatitis A. The food handler had handled vegetable garnishes. Over 1400 restaurant patrons were offered immune globulin…Read More »

Ohio Restaurant Green Onions 1998

An outbreak of hepatitis A occurred among patrons of an Ohio restaurant. The restaurant’s food workers were tested for hepatitis A; there was no evidence that a food handler could have contaminated the food with hepatitis A virus. A case-control st…Read More »

Stage Deli Cole Slaw 1997

An outbreak of hepatitis A occurred among patrons of Stage Deli, in West Bloomfield, Michigan. Eating the deli’s cole slaw was statistically associated with a risk of illness. It was unclear how the cole slaw became contaminated.…Read More »

A&W Frozen Strawberries 1997

A large outbreak of hepatitis A was associated with the consumption of strawberries served at school. The strawberries had been imported from Mexico and processed/packaged in California by A&W. They were frozen and sold for commercial use in schoo…Read More »

Restaurant Diced Tomatoes 1994

An outbreak of hepatitis A occurred among diners who ate diced tomatoes served at an Arkansas restaurant. It was suspected that the tomatoes had been contaminated by a food handler.…Read More »