Tortillas were pulled from school kitchens this week in Racine, Wisconsin, after students and teachers became ill.  Del Rey manufactured flour tortillas that are suspected of being the cause of an outbreak of food poisoning at three Racine Unified School District middle schools, and FDA officials stepped in to prevent the tortillas to be served again.

A Department of Public Instruction spokesperson spoke to the Journal Times, which reported on the story:

“In an effort to protect children from becoming ill, we are strongly encouraging all schools to refrain from serving the flour tortillas,” the DPI said in its release.

State health officials suspect Del Rey flour tortillas, the brand served at Starbuck, Mitchell and Gilmore middle schools, where more than 90 students suffered from symptoms like vomiting and stomach cramps.

The tortillas came in 12-ounce bags, 12 tortillas per package. The case linked to the illness contained 40 packages and was labeled Del Rey Flour Tortillas #6, according to a DPI statement.

A January 12, 2006 MMWR from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention contained a report on previous school food poisoning from tortillas.