Del Monte has recalled cantaloupes before due to salmonella contamination (actually, this is the 3rd recall in 2 years), and we have represented lots of folks sickened in many of the 12 cantaloupe outbreaks that have occurred in the US since 1990.  See Are we Due for a Salmonella serotype Panama Cantaloupe Outbreak on  Barfblog gives an even poorer track record for the fruit, counting 17 Salmonella, E. coli, and Norovirus outbreaks

While we’re on the subject, here’s a great question received in a comment to Food Poison Journal today:

We purchased some of the cantalopes in question and were notified by Costco yesterday. We have eaten some and have shared some with our backyard chickens. We have not experienced any ill effects as yet but my question is about what to watch for in the chickens and their eggs. Should we avoid eating any of the eggs layed after exposure or if so for how long?

I do not know the answer, although, because we know that secondary infection (i.e. people getting infected from contact with other infected people) frequently occurs in human cases of salmonellosis, why not chickens too?  Any other better answers for this FPJ reader?