The St. Louis E. coli O157:H7 has claimed 30 confirmed victims, many of whom have been hospitalized, one with HUS.  Many more have undoubtedly been sickened though.  The illness of one possible victim was profiled today by Kathleen Berger:

Harmon Swanigan’s intestinal inflammation and pain won’t go away.

“I’m not a crier but this pretty much brought tears to my eyes,” said Swanigan.

He spent eight days in the hospital, and has been on bed rest at home for an additional week. Doctors diagnosed him with colitis, but Swanigan says his doctors suspect E. coli.

“It was pretty much excruciating pain,” said Swanigan.

After more than two weeks, Swanigan still has some symptoms and can’t hold down most foods.

Federal investigators descended on St. Louis about a week ago to assist the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, and local county health departments, try and figure out the source of the outbreak.  Epidemiological evidence points to salad bar items at Schnucks grocery stores.