Jeff Almer and Lou Tousignant both lost parents in the PCA Salmonella outbreak.   The two Marler Clark clients continue to fight for justice in the matter.   FOX9 News in Minneapolis today provided live interviews with the two men as they prepare to take their fight to Washington D.C.

Almer, who lost his mother, and Tousignant, whose father died from Salmonella in the outbreak, are joining other families in asking the Justice Department to press its investigation into criminal charges against PCA CEO Stewart Parnell.  The 2009 outbreak sickened at least 714 people, including 9 deaths.

A massive recall followed, as PCA’s products had been shipped to nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and food producers all across the country.   The outbreak spurred Congressional hearings, where PCA  emails were uncovered which suggested that  Parnell had acute knowledge that his company was shipping Salmonella-contaminated peanuts.

Almer told FOX9,  “I want to know who to be mad at. Who is in charge of this investigation? You can’t find out anything.”  Tousignant added, “It’s just shocking to me that there have been no charges filed, especially when he knew he was in the wrong.”

Particularly troubling to the victims was Parnell’s refusal to speak to the allegations at the Congressional hearings.  Parnell stated only,“I respectfully decline upon the protection afforded me based on the constitution.”

This Friday, February 11th, Almer and Tousignant will be among a group of Salmonella victims and their families speaking at the American University Washington College of Law.  The group will be sharing their stories and calling for criminal charges to be brought against Parnell.