Racine County health officials are investigating what appears to be a Salmonella outbreak among residents of Racine County.  At least 20 people have been laboratory-confirmed as suffering from Salmonella infections, and it is possible that more cases exist, but that not all people who became ill with Salmonella as part of the outbreak have been diagnosed.  According to an article in the Racine Journal Times:

"The health departments are looking into all reports of illness and all possible sources of acquisition," [health officer Margaret] Gesner said.

The health departments were interviewing affected people to find any potential links, such as an event everyone attended, which would help track down a cause, Gesner said. The health departments were first made aware of a possible outbreak on approximately May 7 when All Saints notified the health department of an increase in Salmonella cases, she said.

Based on current data, it’s possible the outbreak has already ended, Gesner said. But she cautioned that could change.

The onset of symptoms in currently reported cases range from May 2 to May 8, Gesner said. People exposed to salmonella can experience an incubation period of up to 72 hours before symptoms appear. Build in time before a person goes to the doctor and time for laboratory testing and it appears no new cases are emerging.

Health officials are also investigating the possibility of whether Salmonella cases in Waushara, Milwaukee, and Kenosha Counies could be connected to the outbreak.