salmonella.bmpMonday morning, the attorneys at Marler Clark will file a lawsuit on behalf of a young boy from Massachussetts who was sickened in the DeFusco’s Salmonella outbreak in Rhode Island.  The boy consumed contaminated zeppoles from the Johnston DeFusco’s location.  Salmonella contaminated food from DeFusco’s has sickened at least 56 people, caused 26 of them to become hospitalized, and possibly killed an elderly gentlemen.

The Rhode Island Health Department’s final report is not yet in on the DeFusco’s Salmonella outbreak, but some environmental findings–ones that have more than a possibility of having contributed to the spread of disease at the bakery–were released in health inspection reports available online:

  • swabs taken from cardboard boxes where empty pastry shells were stored at DeFusco’s Bakery tested positive for Salmonella. The boxes previously held raw eggs.
  • Inspectors say they found pastry cream sitting on the floor, stored at room temperature — a major code violation.
  • “The temperature of the light cream was 125 degrees F and the temperature of the chocolate cream was 119 degrees F.”  The Health Department requires cream to be cooled to 41 degrees and stored in the refrigerator.
  • Another violation involves cross-contamination of pastry shells places in egg boxes.
  • “Ready to eat previously baked pastry shells used for zeppoles, eclairs, and cream puffs, were stored in boxes that were used to store raw shell eggs.