"Wappinger e. coli" "romaine lettuce outbreak" "e. coli O145 outbreak" Emily Stewart of the Poughkeepsie Journal today reported that a bag of lettuce intended for distribution to Wappinger Central School District schools was the bag that tested positive for E. coli O145, thus providing the smoking gun in the E. coli O145 outbreak linked to romaine lettuce from Freshway Foods in Ohio.  

The lettuce was sent after several students reported symptoms of diarrheal illness, officials said.

District superintendent James Parla said the students received immediate treatment at local health care providers and there have not been any new reports of diarrheal illness in the student population since April 25.

Parla said as of Thursday, there had been two confirmed cases of E. coli, three probable cases and one suspected case. The students go to Roy C. Ketcham High School, John Jay High School Wappingers Junior High School and Van Wyck Middle School, he said.