Salmonella is seemingly everywhere right now.  Salmonella contaminated peanut butter and many other nut butter products have sickened dozens nationally; salmonella mangoes have sickened over 100, including 93 in California; salmonella cantaloupes have sickened 270 and killed 3; and lawsuits from other recent Salmonella outbreaks are coming as well.

This week Marler Clark’s lawyers will file suit against Trader Joes and Sunland Inc. on behalf of a young boy from North Carolina who was sickened in the Salmonella peanut butter outbreak.  He was hospitalized for three days in August, and is continuing to recover.

Marler Clark has also been retained by a number of people believed to be victims of the Salmonella mangoes outbreak linked to Daniella brand mangoes distributed by Splendid Products of Burlingame, California.  One of our clients, Dorothy Pearce, was hospitalized for 10 days as a result of her Salmonella illness.

We recently filed suit against the Indiana cantaloupe farm called Chamberlain Farms on behalf of two young Michigan girls who were sickened in the salmonella cantaloupe outbreak.  Cantaloupes have sickened 270 people nationally this summer, mostly in Kentucky and surrounding states, and killed 3 Kentucky residents.

And to round out this Salmonella lawsuit update, we will be filing suit against the Charlotte, North Carolina restaurant called Toast of Dilworth on behalf of multiple people sickened in the late March Salmonella enteritidis outbreak.  We have filed several other lawsuits in the Toast of Dilworth Salmonella outbreak.