635820025023371932-CHIPOTLEKGW reports:

A number of Chipotle restaurants across the Northwest abruptly closed late Friday afternoon.

Ashley Arellano, of Gladstone, said she became sick with E. coli after eating at the Chipotle in Clackamas Town Center.

On Saturday morning, the Oregon Health Authority said they were investigating a possible E. coli outbreak at Oregon and Washington Chipotles. Three cases in Oregon and 19 in Washington were reported, and one-third of those people were hospitalized, according to OHA spokesman Jonathan Modie.

Washington health officials said 17 of the 19 people with E. coli ate at Chipotle. Oregon health officials have not said whether all three people who tested positive for E. coli ate at the restaurant.

No one has died from the infection. The illnesses were reported in people ranging in age from 11 to 64.

“My body was in aches, and pains. I was nauseous, I couldn’t hold anything down. I couldn’t eat anything,” she said.

The diagnosis stunned her even more. “She said that it was E. coli and I was in shock because I had never had E. coli,” Arellano said.

People in Clackamas and Washington counties in Oregon, and Clark, King, Skagit and Cowlitz counties in Washington have reported symptoms of Shiga toxin E. coli (STEC) infection, according to the OHA.