"ohio outbreak" "ohio salmonella" "ohio e. coli" "romaine lettuce outbreak" "e. coli O145"A salmonella outbreak linked to an Athens, Ohio restaurant has sickened at least 22 people.  10 TV news reported today on the salmonella outbreak

More than 20 people have been sickened after eating at the same restaurant and health officials on Friday said they suspect it was the result of salmonella.

A popular Athens restaurant is the source of the outbreak that has sickened 22 people, but officials were not releasing the name of the eatery, 10TV’s Tanisha Mallet reported.

Athens County health officials said the restaurant poses no threat to public health and that is has been inspected.

Ohio needs a break.  Many of its citizens are also involved in the current E. coli O145 outbreak linked to contaminated romaine lettuce manufactured by Freshway Foods and, possibly, grown by Andrew Smith Company in Yuma, Arizona.  The FDA and CDC count at least 29 confirmed and probable illnesses in the romaine lettuce E. coli O145 outbreak, with at least 12 hospitalizations and 3 cases of hemolytic uremic syndrome.  The outbreak has also caused illnesses in a number of Washtenaw County residents, including multiple students at the University of Michigan.  And, the outbreak has sickened multiple students in the town of Wappinger Falls, New York and at Daemen College in Buffalo.

Food companies need to give Ohioans a break.