State of Illinois health officials say that the 7th street Subway location in Rochelle is being investigated because of two cases of Salmonella reported in Ogle County. Health officials are investigating the foodpoisoning reports, trying to determine whether they are linked to the Salmonella outbreak linked to Illinois Subway restaurant locations. 

The attorney for this shop issued a statement, according to Kimberly Brown at, stating that the Rochelle location has taken precautionary measures by destroying lettuce, green peppers, red onions, and tomatoes that are suspected ingredients for the outbreak. Ms. Brown further reports that Subway corporate managers said all Subway locations have done this, issuing a statement today explaining that Subway has high standards for produce vendors, and that all produce is checked by Subway and by third party auditors.

Ms. Brown also reports on a suspected victim of the outbreak named Candy Johnstone.  Ms Johnstone ate a veggie sub from the 7th street Subway restaurant in Rochelle several weeks ago–during the heart of the outbreak.  She thereafter fell ill with gastrointestinal symptoms suggestive of a Salmonella infection.  She recalls, “I was either sleeping or in the bathroom. It was just terrible pains, and by Sunday I realized it was worse than a flu or common cold or something so I went to the emergency room."