Based on the results of positive laboratory testing, the Southern Nevada Health District has confirmed the illnesses it is currently investigating among a group of attendees of the National Youth Football Championship event as norovirus. As part of this type of investigation the health district often obtains appropriate samples in an effort to confirm the cause of the illness. Norovirus is common and can spread easily through person to person contact. It can also be difficult to eliminate.

Initially, the health district received reports of illness among people affiliated with the event which was held at the Rio Hotel. Team members and supporters stayed at the Rio and a variety of other hotels. Other area hotels have been asked to report similar illnesses to the health district.

The health district continues to receive calls from persons associated with the event and venue, as well as others who stayed in different facilities. The health district will be gathering information from persons associated with the National Youth Football Conference as well as those who were not in attendance at the event, but were guests at the Rio or other local venues, in order to further investigate the cluster of illnesses.

The health district is stressing the importance of practicing appropriate hygiene to limit the spread of norovirus. People who are sick should stay home from work or school until 72 hours after their symptoms have ended.

Norovirus is a self-limiting illness and symptoms resolve after a few days. The most serious complication can be dehydration, especially in children or older adults. It is important that people who are sick with norovirus, or any other gastrointestinal illness, stay home from work or school and avoid contact with other people.