Thanks for CIDRAP keeping up on the Cyclospora number count.  The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported seven more Cyclospora infections today, boosting its outbreak total to 593. The number of affected states held steady at 20, with the latest illness onset listed as Jul 31. In its update the CDC said most of the cases were reported from mid June through mid July.

Texas, which has the most cases, reported 267 cases in its latest update, which are 20 more than the CDC’s tally for the state. Adding those cases to the CDC total would put the national total at 613.

Cyclospora cases in Iowa and Nebraska have been linked to a bagged lettuce mix from a producer in Mexico, but it’s still not clear if cases in other states are part of the same outbreak.

Aug 20 CDC outbreak update
Aug 20 Texas Department of State Health Services update