Paul Day of (CO) reports that state health officials were trying to figure out how 14 teachers got so sick, school administrators were forced to dismiss class early on Friday.
Faculty members at Trailblazer Elementary School first started experiencing symptoms including diarrhea and vomiting on Thursday night.
“It was sort of freaky because it’s not every day that you hear ‘oh you’re teacher got food poisoning today,'” said Lauren Howery, a fourth grader at the school. “It’s sort of weird and scary.”
A letter was sent home to parents saying that all the sick teachers had previously attended a catered buffet at the school on Wednesday night.

“That’s certainly very sad because we do appreciate our staff here and certainly we wouldn’t want anything harmful to come upon them,” said Debbie Kinder, a parent.
The Tri-County Health Department was investigating the illness and said none of the teachers who didn’t eat at the luncheon experienced symptoms. They also said the food-borne illness could be contagious.
“Be sure that they monitor their children over the weekend,” said Bruce Wilson with theTri-County Health Dept. “I don’t believe that they will become ill, but if they do, they should see their medical provider.”
To be safe, crews used disinfectant to sanitize the playground at Trailblazers and were planning to clean the interior of the school.
No students at the school got sick.
School leaders hadn’t decided whether to resume classes on Monday.