Food Safety News reports that  a new Cyclospora outbreak is under investigation and there are updated patient numbers for another among the details this week in the FDA’s outbreak update.

The new outbreak, posted Aug. 11, has 29 patients. The number of states involved is not included, nor is the hospitalization status of any of the patients.

The Food and Drug Administration reports the investigation into the new outbreak is ongoing, with traceback efforts having begun. The agency notes that the outbreak “represents a subset of the total number of domestically-acquired cases of cyclosporiasis cases in the U.S.”

The same qualifier is listed for the other Cyclospora outbreak, which was listed July 14. The patient count has been updated and now stands at 104. Traceback, sample collection and onsite inspection has begun, but the FDA has not posted any company names or specific foods.

Neither outbreak is listed on the outbreak pages of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Cyclospora is a microscopic parasite that can be spread through food, beverages and cross-contamination in kitchens through food handlers.