The tragic consequences of the DeFusco’s Salmonella outbreak that began a month ago still haven’t stopped.  Sometimes the circumstances of a given outbreak–including the virulence of the pathogen involved and consumer demographics–converge in the unholiest of ways to cause illness and death on a scale that far outstrips the apparent severity of the violations that caused it.  That is exactly what has happened in Rhode Island, as the combination of a virulent strain of Salmonella, and service of contaminated food to many elderly people, has now caused 2 deaths.   

Another person died yesterday due to an illness suffered as part of the Defusco’s salmonella outbreak.  According to Felice Freyer at the Providence Journal:

The man lived in the community, in Providence County. He ate a product made at DeFusco’s that was purchased on March 19.

His symptoms began on March 25, and he was hospitalized on March 28. A stool sample tested positive for salmonella. He had underlying health conditions.

So far, it is known that 66 people fell ill with salmonella between March 14 and March 28. All but one reported having eaten a product from DeFusco’s, including the other man who died. 28 of those 66 victims have been hospitalized.  The bakery closed down on March 25 after a Health Department inspection found many food-safety violations.