heidelberg.bmpThe DeFusco’s Zeppoles Salmonella Outbreak in Rhode Island has now hit at least 33 people – with 17 hospitalized – with many of the victims being the elderly served at West Warwick Manor Senior Center, St John and Paul Church in Coventry, Sparrow Point (senior facility) in West Warwick, and Crescent Park Manor in Riverside.

The strain of Salmonella involved may be Salmonella heidelberg.  Does this give any clue as to the possible vector?  Salmonella serotype enteritidis is most commonly the strain involved in egg outbreaks, including last years monumental half-billion egg recall and outbreak.  But Heidelberg has been implicated in egg outbreaks too.  (In some of the following, eggs were implicated though not shown conclusively to be the original source of contamination)

A little more history on Salmonella outbreaks at bakeries.  They have not been much of a surprise in the past:

And, neither have Salmonella and E. coli Outbreaks at retirement centers: