Following similar measures in Wisconsin, Oregon, Texas, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, and recently considered but rejected by Wyoming and California, Minnesota may be the next state to consider either legalizing the sale of raw milk, or making it even easier than it already is to purchase the product under state law.  Three Republican state senators have proposed new legislation that would legalize direct farm-to consumer sales of raw milk.  Current laws prevent it everywhere in the state except on the farm where it was produced. 

CDC just spoke up about the risks associated with raw milk

For a couple of reasons, including good investigative work to detect outbreaks and enforce existing laws, Minnesota is at the eipicenter of the debate, even if unintentionally.  It is also the home state of Mik Hartmann, whose raw dairy products have been implicated in outbreaks that sickened at least 15 people in the state, and who has been at the heart of a major legal battle–one that he lost–ever since. 

I hope Minnesotans don’t get too comfortable just because they live in one of the states where outbreaks go to die.