Santa Clara County health officials have reported that a food handler at the Mariscos San Juan restaurant #3 has tested positive for the Shigella bacteria that has sickened 190 people who ate at the restaurant. However, the officials say that the employee was not the source of the outbreak and likely a victim as well.

The Shigella outbreak that has now sickened 190 people from six counties, most of whom ate at Mariscos San Juan restaurant on 4th Street, health officials said. But they said the outbreak appears to be tapering off.

“Despite not having a ‘smoking gun’ that caused the outbreak,” Public Health Director Sr. Sara Cody said, “we do know that the outbreak stemmed from this restaurant, and we have taken the necessary actions to protect the public.”

Of the 190 people county officials say have been stricken by the Shigella bacteria, which causes severe diarrhea, 151 are Santa Clara County residents and the rest are from San Mateo, Alameda, Santa Cruz, Marin and Merced counties. Nearly all of them are people who said they ate at Mariscos on October 16 or17. Officials shut the restaurant down on the 18th.

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