Salmonella contaminated sprouts on Jimmy Johns sandwiches in Illinois have prompted this final installment of major Salmonella outbreaks to hit the United States this year.  If Marler Clark’s clientele is any barometer for trends in food safety, we can certainly say that E. coli (despite a few notable raw milk and cheese outbreaks) played second fiddle to Salmonella.  It was a year filled with big Salmonella outbreaks, from beginning to end.  (Disclaimer: this is not an exhaustive list; just the major outbreaks)

Illinois has been plagued by major Salmonella outbreaks this year:

  1. Jimmy Johns sandwiches with Salmonella contaminated alfalfa sprouts have been implicated in an outbreak that has sickened at least 43 residents with confirmed Salmonella I 4,5,12, i- infections, and likely many more with illnesses that have not been confirmed.  We expect this number to rise.  Jimmy John Liataud, in a statement yesterday, asked Illinois franchise stores to pull alfalfa sprouts from the menu.
  2. The Jimmy Johns Salmonella outbreak may be part of a much larger national outbreak.  Various news outlets, and Jimmy John himself, have reported that as many as 88 people in 15 states have been sickened by Salmonella I 4,5,12, i- since November 1.  No word yet from the CDC or any other health organization on what is going on.  Some information please?
  3. In May and early June, Illinois Subway stores served up Salmonella contaminated sandwiches to customers throughout the state, causing more than 100 confirmed Salmonella Hvittingfoss illnesses, and untold hundreds of unconfirmed illnesses.  Health authorities were unable to determine what specific food item was contaminated, but know that it was probably a fresh produce item.
  4. Last spring, the Skokie Country Club was the site of a large Salmonella outbreak that sickened at least 37 people with confirmed Salmonella enteritidis, causing an estimated 50 unconfirmed illnesses as well.
  5. And multiple Illinois residents were also sickened in the Salmonella montivideo and senftenberg outbreak linked to Daniele brand salami, and ultimately to red and black pepper used in making the salami.  The outbreak ultimately sickened 272 with confirmed Salmonella illnesses in 44 states, including at least 28 Illinois residents.

Illinois was Salmonella heavy this year, but so were many other states.  Here are the other major Salmonella outbreaks of 2010:

  1. ConAgra Salmonella chester outbreak linked to Marie Callendar’s cheesy chicken and rice frozen entrees.
  2. Caldwell Fresh Foods sprouts Salmonella outbreak.
  3. Utah raw milk Salmonella outbreak.
  4. Casa Lopez Salmonella outbreak in Ohio.
  5. Chico California "margarita mix off" Salmonella outbreak.
  6. Salmonella baildon and hartford outbreaks linked to Taco Bell.
  7. Goya frozen mamey fruit Salmonella outbreak.
  8. Wright County Egg Salmonella enteritidis outbreak