We filed suit yesterday in Federal Court for the District of Colorado on behalf of Madison Sedbrook, who is six years old, and her parents Tristan and Cindy.  Madison ate cookie dough on multiple occasions in April 2009 and developed a severe gastrointestinal illness.  She bounced from hospital to hospital, doctor to doctor, while nobody could really figure out what was wrong with her. 

In the meantime, toxins released by the E. coli O157:H7 bacteria that she had ingested, along with the cookie dough, began to cause a cascading, destructive process in her blood stream that culminated in the development of hemolytic uremic syndrome.  See www.about-hus.com.  Ultimately, Madison was hospitalized for 9 days and suffered from hemolytic anemia severe enough to require a blood transfusion. 

Madison Sedbrook, and the six other known HUS victims in this outbreak, not to mention the likely hundreds of people sickened from Nestle cookie dough, is the reason that we fight this fight every time another serious outbreak occurs.  View the complaint that we filed on Madison’s behalf here: