Los Dos Amigos, a Mexican restaurant located in Roseburg, Oregon, may be the site of a Salmonella outbreak that sickened a number of people in mid-April.  Douglas County Public Health officials and the Oregon Department of Human Services are investigating the outbreak, which was originally discovered based on the reports of local medical providers.

Health officials’ initial investigation results show that the seven people who have become ill ate at the Los Dos Amigos restaurant in downtown Roseburg from April 9 to April 17, according to a Douglas County Public Health news release. “The restaurant is fully cooperative and working with our agencies to help identify the source and address any issues,” Public Health Division Director Dawnelle Marshall said in the release. “At this point in time, no specific food item stands out as a likely source.” “Our primary concern is to make sure anyone who may be ill with salmonellosis is identified and to prevent the spread of the disease to others,” Marshall said.