Chris Mckee at KMTR reported today on the latest news about the Los Dos Amigos salmonella outbreak in Roseburg Oregon:

Douglas County Public Health department officials say cross contamination is likely what caused 30 people to contract salmonella after eating at the Los Dos Amigos restaurant on Jackson Street in Downtown Roseburg on certain days in April.

Health officials say state test results looking for salmonella on food prep surfaces and food items came back negative.

The investigation continues at a local level, but according to Gerry Meyer, Environmental Health Program Manager for Douglas County Public Health, this salmonella outbreak is likely a case of cross contamination.

The Los Dos Amigos salmonella outbreak has sickened 30 people with confirmed cases of Salmonella enteritidis infection; though, very likely, the number of people actually sickened in the outbreak is much bigger.