At least 1 of the 9 confirmed victims of the Jimmy Johns Sprouts E. coli outbreak, which has now sickened at least 25 in 8 states, is a resident of Washtenaw County Michigan.  Other Michigan victims of the sprouts E. coli outbreak are from Kent, Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb Counties.  Here are some other places where the E. coli sprouts went, which we know from the fact that these locations have confirmed cases in the Jimmy Johns outbreak too. 

Of course, Washtenaw County is no stranger to E. coli cases.  In fact, Washtenaw county residents have been sickened in a number of foodpoisoning outbreaks.  Here is an E. coli outbreak that sickened multiple Washtenaw county residents that was ultimately linked to E. coli O45 contaminated lettuce.  And here is another E. coli outbreak that was also, ultimately, linked to lettuce.  Many of the victims of this outbreak were students at Michigan State, and a few, including our client Lindsey Jennings, were students at Michigan.  There were also multiple illnesses at the Lenawee County Jail (5 confirmed, 7 probable).